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Jane Kate Wong

Experience Design & Innovation

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Shopify NY
Impostor Cities
Nike Future of Retail
Nike Digital Innovation
Fairprice Health & Wellness
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My work sits at the intersection of culture, environment and technology. I design future experiences for people that scale from the environmental to the intimate, from work to play. 


Nike Retail Revolution
A Vision for the Future of Retail

We partnered with Nike to create a series of services to launch in the new global innovation stores to change not only how people experienced Nike as a holistic brand, but to also showcase the breadth of expertise, community and services the company has to offer. We helped integrate store and service design together for the first time in company history. Between 2015 and 2018, two iterations of store designs launched: Soho/Miami & 5th Ave/Shanghai.

People: The Foundation to Success

Nike’s ethos around being better, serving consumers and accelerating performance is inherent in everything they do. The future of retail not only is rooted in people, it is rooted in service and Nike athletes, who live, breathe and act as curators for Nike’s brand. We started with 6 focus areas - and broke down each of these pillars into months-long focus services.

Photos by Hypebeast, Nike (2018)