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Jane Kate Wong

Experience Design & Innovation

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Shopify NY
Impostor Cities
Nike Future of Retail
Nike Digital Innovation
Fairprice Health & Wellness
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My work sits at the intersection of culture, environment and technology. I design future experiences for people that scale from the environmental to the intimate, from work to play. 

Physical Installation & Exhibition for 1st Place at the VIDA 11.0 Awards

Featured in i.M.A.D.E, MIT Press Journals, An Inconvenient Studio. Following iteration was made to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale 2010. See more here at Dezeen.

Hylozoic Soil first originated in a Montreal exhibit, and was composed of “breathing pores” and a series of “feathers” that created a sort of grove to inhabit. Each column of the sculpture is primarily composed of chevrons, articulated and fastened to create the current structure. The sculpture combines mechatronics, rapid prototyping, parametric design and the use of arduino boards to create an artificial organic being. It moves and invades your senses as you pass through, exuding a sense of a living alien material, but of relfexes so human. I assisted in the fabrication of the and design of sculpture for this iteration.

Sign-grade acrylic, epidermic needles, balloons, pipettes, silicone, mylar,
custom steel plates, hundreds of hours of labour.

Installation Design, Sculpture, Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping

Arduino | Laser Cutting | CNC Milling


Done in association with Philip Beesley Architect Inc.