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Jane Kate Wong

Experience Design & Innovation
NYC - WW ㋡

Selected Work-

Nike Retail Revolution
Nike D4M Customization
Nike SneakerLab
Fairprice Health & Wellness
Blind Duck Hunt
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My work sits at the intersection of culture, services, spaces and technology. I design future experiences for people that scale from the environmental to the intimate, from work to play. 

Surf House & Tourism Master Plan 1st Place Competition Winner in 2010

Now open! Check the swell conditions here.

The proposal called for a new "common future development of three rural villages" along the coast of Thy in northwestern Denmark. We designed, rendered and modelled a new surfhouse in Klitmøller (Cold Hawai'i) and changing facilities from an existing farmhouse in Nørre Vorupør. The schemes aimed to be sustainable, and socially responsible to the community as an activator and continuation of vernacular architecture in the region.

Concept Design, Physical Model, 3D Model, Renders, Presentation


Photography Credits to Mette Johnsen.
All work done in association with Force4 Architects.