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Jane Kate Wong

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My work sits at the intersection of culture, environment and technology. I design future experiences for people that scale from the environmental to the intimate, from work to play. 

An application that generates an image of your day based on your GPS location and the photos you take over the course of a day

This short exploration to create a mapping tool for a mobile device (eg. phone, tablet) that can track where you have been and provide you an idea on the geometry of your paths, the most frequented routes and where you have been through a beautiful, generated image.

There are two sets of data overlaid on each other: a) heavy lines track your normal route, and b) light lines for manually tracked locations. Colours between points are generated by photos taken in that area, and are made to represent the largest swatches of colour
averaged over all locations.

You can create and compose your own images and share these with
your friends at the end of the day.

Processing | Android SDK


Made with Pierluigi Dalla Rosa at CIID.