Jane Kate Wong is a Creative Director,  Designer and Entrepreneur.  Her work centers around Embodied Environments where space, culture, technology and wellness converge    She investigates plausible futures through the lenses of materials, emerging technology and human prosperity. She has worked, lectured and exhibited globally and resides between NYC and CDMX  

Jane is currently Director at FOREIGN SPACE and co-founder, Chief Creative Officer at NOON

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NOON  |  Designing the future of cognitive wellness, where neuroscience x nature  |  www.noon.world

We are pioneering the next generation of products, education and services for our best mind & mood. We combine the best of plant technology with modern neuroscience to create functional tools that lasting efficacy. My role as Chief Creative Officer includes brand, packaging, marketing, partnerships and maintaining all channels.   

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→ 2022—Present
Paramount.xyz & RECUR  Star Trek Immersive Experience  |  Creative Direction, Design & Production

For the launch of Paramount’s new NFT collection, we re-created the most beloved space in Star Trek: the Holodeck.  A series of immersive video and sound loops were created to transport the audience into other dimensions of space and time. NFTs were projected as holograms as a peek into the collection of 20,000 made available in 2022. 

Done in partnership with A_DA.
  → 2022
Iris van Herpen & Microsoft AI for Cultural Heritage  | Hololens Strategy, Production Concept

For Iris van Herpen’s 15th anniversary of her maison at Paris Couture Week, we collaborated with the atelier and MSFT AI for Cultural Heritage team to concept an extraordinary mixed reality experience for VIP guests. Her show, titled ‘Meta Morphism’ set the foundation for elevating stories from Ovid, bringing characters to life as the show unfolded. 

Done in partnership with MSFT & A_DA.
→ 2022
The Prince Estate Immersive Listening Experience  |  Spatial Concept & Design, Interactive Touch Experience

A personalized and iconic ‘Listening Room’ for guests to explore and find their version of Prince based on a fun, interactive quiz. We combined historical elements and symbols of Prince’s life with eras of his discography to create unique profiles and playlists to share and listen to.

Done in partnership with Superfly, Listen & A_DA.
→ 2022
FULLER NFT   |   Digital Platform Experience Concept & Design

A speculative concept to demonstrate the potential and creative power of web3 in a new kind of metaverse. In this world, each member is able to create, model and showcase their digital artifacts in spaces uniquely theirs. Artists, voyeurs, collectors and explorers alike are able to tangibly visualize their ‘universe’ and also mint their own objects in an immersive, more interactive marketplace. 

Done in partnership with SSS*
→ 2021
Impostor Cities Canadian Pavilion Venice Biennale  |  Immersive Concept & Design, AR Experience

‘Impostor Cities’ was the concept presented at the Canadian Pavilion for the 2020/2021 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Historically, Canada has been a backdrop for other global cities and scenes shot through film and video. We were brought in to create the interactive in-person and online experience for the “green screen” effect. Part of our collaboration included a series of AR filters to allow the experience to be easily documented & shared globally.

Done in partnership with TBA.

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→ 2019-2020
Google  |  Designing the future of Search  |  Strategy & Concept Design

How might we re-imagine access to meaningful products and services, while balancing personal needs and value systems–  with the needs of society and sustainability?  In this short conceptual project, we explored a variety of sustainability topics from circular design in the hardware space, to social consumption. The result was a collection of conceptual initiatives for the Google Search & Shopping teams.

Done in partnership with Google & the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.
→ 2019
Florida Blue Blue Cross |  Designing the future Healthcare digital ecosystem  |  Innovation Strategy, Concept & Design

We worked closely with healthcare company Florida Blue to re-imagine, concept, design and launch their future digital ecosystem made for patients, providers and healthcare workers. In a very complicated and broken system, our goal was to create a holistic and seamless view of health, with an easy to navigate interface assisted through AI-driven prompts for preventative care. We worked over 1.5 years to create this new experience North Star for both U65 and Medicare.

Done in partnership with frog design.
→ 2019-2020
Nike House of Innovation NYC, Shanghai, Paris | Experience Strategy, Spatial Concept & Design

The future vision for new flagship Nike retail. We set out to create a series of services to launch in the new global pinnacle Nike stores to change not only how people experienced Nike as a holistic brand, but to also showcase the breadth of expertise, community and services the company has to offer. Over two years, many workshops and immersive prototypes, we helped strategize and pioneer Nike’s integrated and data-driven store experiences together for the first time in company history. 

Done in partnership with R/GA & Nike.

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→ 2016-2018